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The TRUNCATE statement is used for removing all records from a table. The TRUNCATE statement is not a logged transaction. The TRUNCATE Statement has a simple syntax:

  • TRUNCATE tablename


In this example we will assume that the 'Employees' table contains the follow columns: 'Name', 'Position', 'Office' and 'Salary'. SELECT *
FROM Employees
Here is a sample resultset from the above SELECT query:

Joe GrapeManagerHouston80000
John PlumSoftware DeveloperHouston65000
Frank AppleSoftware DeveloperCleveland62000
Patty PineappleSoftware DeveloperCleveland60000
Judy PeachSoftware DeveloperBoston50000
Jane OrangeProject ManagerHouston75000

We'll use the TRUNCATE statement to remove all the records from the table. TRUNCATE TABLE Employees

Now we'll try to query the table again. We will find out that there are no longer any rows in the table. SELECT *
FROM Employees
No Records

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